Our exclusive villa!!

Our crown jewel villa and our latest addition to the Amara project.

We proudly present our two-story villa uniquely designed with some amazing facilities and the most amazing view of the entire surrounding area.

On the ground floor you will find three large bedrooms, each with a king size bed, large floor to ceiling panels overlooking the ground pool and the Aegean Sea.

The master bedroom has its own private bathroom with a walk-in shower, while the two bedrooms share one on the same floor.

Top floor offers amazing panoramic view of the entire area through its glass floor to ceiling panels situated all around.

A minimal fully stocked kitchen as well as a dining area with large lounge sofas complete the layout.

There is terrace on both sides of the floor, with an infinity pool and a built in jacuzzi on one side, and a large sitting area with an external fireplace on the other.

On the ground floor you’ll find beside the pool, a heated jacuzzi for 6 people, as well as a dining area with a double island BBQ area.

A separate complete full size and equipped kitchen is situated on the basement floor, with and individual shower and separated bathroom, ideal for any party preparations or external catering services.

As with the previous villas, this one is also fully automated through Crestron, offering total control over the blind and curtains, light scenarios, tv’s, music and the individual multi zoned air condition, it even changes the pool lights accordingly to match your mood!!

The entire villa has its own security system, and surveillance cameras all at your disposal.